Ebbets Field Sweater Jackets: Certified Grandpa Swag

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You should know by now that Ebbets Field doesn’t fuck around when it comes to making some of the most classic gear around, not to mention their quality is up in the stratosphere. So, it should come as no surprise that when they drop cardigans they’re a cut above. These vintage sweater jackets are super dope, on that cozy grandpa tip. But, pair this with a matching pair of kicks and you’ll instantly be flier than anyone else around you. These are top-notch medium virgin wool, with patch pockets, felt lettering, and manual embroidery.This collection also reps teams that aren’t your garden variety MLB, including the Negro League, Pacific Coast League, Cuban League, Metropolitan League, and International League. Check them out below and grab yours from Ebbets Field for $295.

Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-1 Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-2 Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-3 Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-4 Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-5 Ebbets-Field-Sweater-Jacket-6



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