ESPN Uncovers The Amazing Process Behind Making A New Era Hat

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If you wear hats then you definitely have at least a couple New Era joints in your rotation. What you may not know about this company is that they’re producing all that dope gear right here in the US. Last year in 2012, New Era produced over 50 million hats including lids for MLB, NFL, NHL, some NCAA schools, and Titleist. Their Buffalo, NY factory employs 350 people, most of which handle only one step in the whole process. The cap-making process takes 22 steps from assembly, to embroidery, and stickering. The Marlins logo takes the longest to embroider, 10 minutes, because of the size and all the thread changes. The team at ESPN decided to take a closer look at how it all comes together so they sent a team to check it out. Check out the photos from FLOTO + Warner below that show the incredible process of how a New Era cap comes to life.

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