Etam Cru’s Surreal Murals

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Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt, collectively known as Etam Cru, have been leaving their mark on the world with their massive surreal murals. The duo have tackled epic spots across Eastern Europe inclunding Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, and Austria, and even came to the US last year to leave their mark on Richmond, Virginia with their hugely popular Moonshine mural during the Ricmond Mural Project. Check out some of their work below and check out the Etam Cru site to check out more.

Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-1 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-2 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-3 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-4 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-5 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-6 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-7 Etam-Cru-Murals-2013-Dopamine36-8



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