First Look: Feltraiger F/W ’14 “Into The Wild”

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The New York team at Feltraiger are hard at work on a bunch of different projects right now, but in-between trade shows and readying their new location in Brooklyn, the dudes took the time to shoot us over their new lookbook previewing the Fall/Winter 2014 range. Titled “Into The Wild”, the new collection further extends the rugged workwear and classic Americana aesthetic the Feldman brothers have been developing with the past few Feltraiger releases. The Fall/Winter range includes new denim pieces that make use of Cone Mills’ incredible selvedge on jackets and denim, while the outerwear program sees new jackets, vests, and popovers. As always, the Feltraiger team pride themselves on the quality and durability of this rugged gear and the fact that all pieces are Made In The USA. Check it out below and scope out Feltraiger online. Also, if you’re in New York this week, check them out at Liberty Fairs where you can get your hands on this new collection.

Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-14-1Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-1 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-2 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-3 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-4 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-5 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-7 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-8 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-9 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-10 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-11 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-12 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-13 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-14 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-15 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-16 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-17 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-18 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-19 Feltraiger-Fall-Winter-2014-20



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