First Look: The Hundreds Spring ’14 Lookbook

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Following the Scrambled Porn and JPEG teaser videos, The Hundreds have come through with the first full lookbook for their upcoming Spring 2014 collection. Set to drop on Thursday, January 23rd, the new collection makes good on The Hundred’s previous hints that styling would be based on lesser-known ’90s icons with plenty of bright colors and new styles based on beloved pieces from that time. Color blocking figures prominently on new jacket styles and teal and red is seen throughout. The lookbook is also a first glimpse at their new ‘scrambled porn’ pattern with the new design landing on tees and hoodies. Check it all out below and stay tuned for more information on the new Spring ’14 range.

The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-1 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-2 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-3 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-4 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-5 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-6 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-7 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-8 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-9 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-10 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-11 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-12 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-13 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-14 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-15 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-16 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-17 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-18 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-19 The-Hundreds-Spring-2014-Lookbook-20



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