Flick Of The Day: Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul On The Price Is Right

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Since it’s Throwback Thursday today we’re bringing you a double whammy that’s also our Flick of the Day. Aaron Paul, who I’m sure ALL of you know as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, was a contestant on The Price Is Right way back 14 years ago when he was only 20 and Bob Barker was still the host. Aaron tore shit up on the show with his intense energy he said was from ‘chugging like six Red Bulls’, and even made it to the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show where sadly, he overshot his bid by $132 and left empty-handed. Check out the action below, along with his Breaking Bad audition tape thrown in for good measure. Don’t forget, the series wraps up in two weeks!

Just missing out on a HOT Ford Escort ZX2

Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad Audition



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