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If you missed the boat on getting tickets to Kanye’s epic Yeezus tour, don’t stress cause now you can still get the gear without having to shell out for a ticket. PacSun is selling some of the tour merch pieces both online and in select stores featuring the same original Kanye designs done by artist Wes Lang. As you’ll see in the pictures below, there are joints for both you and your lady (or you if you like to rock a bare midriff) and each one will run you $40. The merch is in the style of vintage rock tees complete with that busted, lived-in feel, and features designs reminiscent of classic Metallica and other metal bands from the 90s. Check it out below and shop over at PacSun’s webshop.

Kanye-West-Yeezus-Tour-Merch-Pacsun-2 Kanye-West-Yeezus-Tour-Merch-Pacsun-3 Kanye-West-Yeezus-Tour-Merch-Pacsun-1



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