Gourmet Footwear Summer ’14 Lookbook

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For their Spring 2014 collection Gourmet Footwear introduced some outrageous new fabrics like cactus leather, pony hair, Italian cork, and crock leather. For the follow-up Summer 2014 collection, the vibe is decidedly more classic although there’s no shortage of interesting details and colors. Gourmet’s new collection finds new colorways in their best-selling silhouettes including the 35 Lite, Deici, Cinque, and Uno styles. The fabric of choice here is Italian suede, finished in classic camo and colored-leopard prints. Cork returns again, this time coupled with clean red suede and white midsoles. Check out the lookbook for a peek at some of the new styles below and grab these starting May 3rd on Gourmet’s online shop.

Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-1 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-2 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-3 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-4 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-5 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-7 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-8 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-9 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-10 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-11 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-12 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-13 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-14 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-15 Gourmet-Footwear-Summer-14-Lookbook-16



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