Grime Styles Has New Gear Just In Time For The NBA Season

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Grime Styles is a brand that was born out of the NBA lockout of 2011. As a subtle ‘fuck you’ to the lockout, Grime Styles use some of basketball’s most iconic logos and re-brand them for the streets, creatively turning cities and teams into slogans for streetwear. The result is documented in their lookbook and new collection that continually expands on this central idea and introduces new pieces for the fall season. Check out some lookbook and collection highlights below and shop it all over on Grime Styles’ webshop.

Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-2 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-4 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-6 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-7 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-8 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-12 Grime-Styles-Fall-Lookbook-16 phototemp_bandits_crewneck-1 phototemp_chronics_crewneck phototemp_crooklyn_crewneck phototemp_rappers2



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