Halloway ‘Masters Collection’ Tees

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San Jose’s Halloway have just dropped their latest collection, a series of tees dubbed the ‘Masters Collection’ that pays homage to some of history’s most iconic painters. The collection features sly reworking of pieces including Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, Piet Mondrian’s Composition, Vincent VanGogh’s Starry Night, and Leonardo DaVinci’s Monalisa, all worked into Halloway’s own logo and style. The back of the tees feature a jersey style name bar and number, each the last two digits of their respective artist’s birth year. Check out some shots of Halloway’s ‘Masters Collection’ below, and cop your choice of tee for $30 from their online shop.

Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-1 Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-2 Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-3 Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-4 Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-6 Halloway-Masters-Collection-Dopamine36-7



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