Halloway Union Collection

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In our recap coverage of the VENUE Trade Show last week, we listed Halloway as one of our favorite cut-and-sew brands at the show, and their latest Union Collection for Spring 2014 further backs up the honor. The crew from San Jose have dropped an impressive range of custom pieces including shirting, jackets, and 5 panels, to compliment their printed tees and fleece. The brushed flannel and corduroy shirting are really the stand-outs in this collection though, with careful details like contrasting chambray panels on the button enclosures and embroidered chest pockets. Check out the lookbook and some highlights below and shop it over at Halloway’s online shop.

Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-1Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-13 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-12 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-11 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-2 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-3 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-4 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-5 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-6 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-7 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-8 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-9 Halloway-Union-Collection-Dopamine36-10



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