HomeTown Kings

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Hometown Kings displayed their 2014 Collection at Venue. They have a new style that features over 10 different countries. Based out of Pasadena, CA, these streetwear designer are led by Christian T. Their 2014 collection series just dropped & is below! Check out more of their work at hometownkings.com.

This is how the owner of HTK, describes their brand:

The place where names are sown, in public parks the legends grown ,street pressure put diamonds in the bedroom ,minds of every home, not a quest to own, but touch stone on the legacy, practiced in the paint with no love, for the urgency, success is a game that is gained, through experience, all shots threat the clock, we don’t dwell on the interference, or opponents, or loss, or regret, in fact the more the underdog, the bigger the bet, in fact coached up on setbacks, now the lesser we sweat, hard nights in street lights, turn to stadiums and rings, but the league could never give, what the fans always bring. We live for the moment, when they chant and sing: Home Town Kings! Before the score or the stats endorsement from the stands, the spread of the HomeTown, worth more than gold bands..



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