Hyper Florals: For When Regular Florals Simply Just Won’t Do

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Whatchu know about hyper florals son? Probably about as much as I did before writing this piece, which is to say, nada. That said, this new Spring 2014 lookbook from Fingers Crossed opened my eyes to said florals and I’m breathing in their sweet aromas. In case you were living under a rock this summer, florals and other large graphic prints were the shit. If this lookbook is any indication it looks like that trend is only going to get bigger and better for next year. For those of you outside of SoCal, you’ll have to wait until your brain unfreezes next year to wear this, or you can get it for your spring break to Cabo San Lucas or whatever.

I have to say, although the sandals are a little too Jesus of Suburbia/Lillith Fair c. 1996 for me, some of these pieces are really clean. The hats are on-trend with the five panel strapback aesthetic that’s oh-so-hot right now and that floral bomber is pretty swagged out. See for yourself and start dreaming about next summer.




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