Ice Cream Turns Japanese For Their Fall 2013 Lookbook

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For their Fall 2013 lookbook, Pharrell and his Team Ice Cream skate stars Andre Beverley and Emmet Duffy headed to Tokyo (for their first time) to shoot the looks and shred the city. The result is a dope video co-directed (and scored) by Pharrell himself that’s part skate video, part Japan tourism video, part lookbook, and entirely awesome. The resulting shoot also produced a proper photo lookbook. It’s so awesome that a man as busy and famous as Pharrell is still so hands-on with his brands all the way down to the lookbooks. The gear itself is in typical Ice Cream style, heavy on fun colors and IC iconography. Check out all the action below and over at the Team Ice Cream site.

Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-2 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-3 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-4 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-5 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-6 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-7 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-8 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-9 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-10 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-11 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-12 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-13 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-14 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-15 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-16 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-17 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-18 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-19 Ice-Cream-Tokyo-Fall-2013-Lookbook-20



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