IMKING Relaunch With Holiday ’13 Collection & Lookbook

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Local bosses IMKING spent much of December in hiding, working behind-the-scenes to rework and relaunch the brand, bigger and stronger than ever, before entering 2014. Well, their hard work has certainly paid off, as IMKING have launched a brand new website and shop, as well as debuted a new lookbook and collection to wrap up Holiday 2013. The new range goes above and beyond their previous releases with an exciting new line of cut-and-sew gear including sublimation tees, and most impressively, new outerwear. The lookbook celebrates the relaunch of IMKING too, with fireworks going off behind the new gear which also includes new printed fleece separates and tees. The dopest piece of all though, has to be the Double Sided Jacket, a slick bomber in either red or black with a fully-reversible printed inner lining. Check out the lookbook and some highlights below and shop it all on IMKING’s new online shop.

IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-1 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-2 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-3 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-4 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-5 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-6 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-7 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-9 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-10 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-11 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-12 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-13 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-14 IM-KING-Holiday-13-Lookbook-15



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