Interview with Chris Ngo of ‘The Leverage Showroom’

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Ngo of the ‘The Leverage Showroom’. We sat down and chopped it up and got to know the hustler behind Orange County’s first streetwear showroom located in the place where it all started in Downtown Santa Ana Ca. Read the full interview exclusively here.

Can you briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?

My name is Chris Ngo and I am co owner of ‘The Leverage Show room’. We have been in business for about a year now, I have been in the industry for about 8 years, I started off as an independent sales rep and managed a few brands until myself and my business partner got together and created the showroom.

How did you come up with the idea for The Leverage Showroom?

It all started when my business partner and I couldn’t make enough off of commission to live and decided instead to focus on our energy in pushing and selling brands that we knew could sell.

What drives you to wake up every morning and grind and hustle?

If you think about working the typical 9-5 you have to wake up and put on a shirt and tie and look at sales reports all day. Here its the opposite I get to push and sell hats,beanies and clothes. I really enjoy what I do especially when the culture surrounding what I do is so great.


Do you have any training in fashion or business management?

I don’t have any formal training in fashion or business management but I did work in the mortgage industry for a few years and took the same hustle and determination from that industry and have now applied it to street wear.

Is there any advice you can give to up and coming streetwear brands?

My advice to save as much money as you can, if you don’t have to spend money then don’t. Avoid things like popping bottles if you can’t afford to. Be smart with your money and make stretch.


By creating the leverage showroom here in Santa Ana has there been any challenges?

Most of the showrooms, are located in Los Angeles but the problem was that most of my staff and most of the major retailers like Pacsun and Tilly’s are located about ten miles away from here in SA.

Why is that most of those in Orange County Lifestyle scene want to rep Santa Ana?

To be honest, street wear really started here in Santa Ana, with brands like Stussy, Krew, and the life, it just really is a hub for lifestyle brands.


How has your degree in Communications and Advertising helped you?

The biggest benefit was it introduced me to how to communicate with buyers and know that I would have to switch it up in order to reach everyone

Is there anything that you have done that although may be negative, taught you something?

I learned that although I don’t work for any of the brands I represent that they are still my clients and Instead of treating them all the same I would have to learn how to deal with different personalities.

Do you still find time for your child and family?

Oh yeah for sure, my wife and I both work and we make it happen, I work the typical 9-5 and then after that its family time.


At dopamine36 we recognize those who are creating their own lane, how have you done that?

I started off by looking at the best who do what I do and from there I learned what it took to make things happen and I’m proud to be co-owner of the first showroom here in Orange County

Lastly, do you have any longterm goals for your agency or showroom?

My longterm goal is to become the biggest showroom on the west coast, but this will happen in a few years and I know it can happen if I keep up the hard work we do.



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