Introducing Melin Brand

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For many streetwear brands, the first few years are a tough grind trying to get your gear tight and the word out; but not for Melin Brand ( Melin has managed to skip the awkward growing pains by instead building the brand behind the scenes for over three years. This ‘new’ brand traveled a long and careful road before blowing out their launch last week on November 29th. Where many brands would have to wait years to get their gear in the hands of celebrities and tastemakers, Melin shot right out of the gate with stars like Juicy J, Dwayne Wade, Bun B, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., and more already repping their luxury headwear.

How did they accomplish all this? The driving force behind Melin Brand is its founders Brian McDonell and Corey Roth. Brian cut his teeth in the industry as a sales rep for Split USA, working with seasoned industry vets like Jim Watson, Brian Garofalow, and Dave Ridgeway, and that’s when he first noticed the gap in the market for premium headwear. After convincing his business partner Corey to join the cause, the two got to work on prototyping and sourcing materials. They didn’t stop there though; once they had some gear they literally hit the road in March 2012 on a 100 day Nationwide tour visiting the skate and sneaker world’s elite retailers.


It’s this hustle and dedication that have paved the way for the brand’s success. Not only have they managed to create some of the craziest headwear on the planet, they created their own market segment – what they’re calling Premium Headwear. Each hat is essentially a work of art, constructed of exotic materials such as Italian cashmere and doeskin wool, Japanese denim and genuine stingray leather. We didn’t even know stingray leather was a thing. And that’s cool with Melin because they want their hats to have that ‘wow’ factor to start conversations. Brian and Corey are all about quality control too, and ensure that each piece completes a rigorous 28 point inspection. You don’t get just a hat either; each piece comes in a durable leather travel case complete with a certificate of authenticity so you know you’re getting the real deal. Not to mention the exclusive details on each piece like the performance moisture wicking lining designed to reduce the appearance of sweat marks on the exterior fabrics, as well as a hidden “Besom Pocket” (means cut into the fabric as opposed to sewn on) inside the cap, and their stunning logo plaque.


Sure, some people will say ‘who the fuck is going to buy a $250 hat’ and that’s fine too. Melin’s slogan is ‘Because We Can’ and they’re looking to reach that segment of the hat market that want premium headwear made from only the best materials. The team stand by their product and are confident their customers will have no problem seeing the value too. Brian, Corey, and the team have built an impressive brand and now they’ve got their ‘heads on straight’, ready to take on this massive and competitive industry, one hat a time. Stay tuned for lots more from this brand and make sure to check out their impressive online shop to see it for yourself. You can also check them out on Twitter and Instagram for plenty more eye candy.




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