Jay Shells Brings “Rap Quotes” To The Streets Of LA

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New York artist Jay Shells is working to bring rap back to the streets where it was born, literally. With his “Rap Quotes” public art project, Jay takes lines from rap and hip hop songs, prints them on traffic post signs and posts them in the locations they refer to. After tackling New York, Jay made took a trip out to the West Coastto show some love to California and post signs up on the streets of Los Angeles and its surrounding boroughs. Jay demonstrates an impressive knowledge of hip hop posting up lyrics from locals like Kendrick Lamar and the Odd Future gang along with classics from Ice Cube, Ghostface Killah, Biggie Smalls, Warren G, and a shitload more for a total of 45 signs in all. Check out the video of Jay doing his thing along with a gallery of some of the work in its natural habitat. For more on The Rap Quotes project check it out on Twitter and grab a shirt on Etsy.

Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-1 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-2 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-3 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-4 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-5 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-7 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-8 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-9 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-10 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-11 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-12 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-13 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-14 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-15 Jay-Shells-Rap-Quotes-LA-16



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