Kanye West Gets The South Park Treatment Again

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South Park used last night’s season finale to torch Kanye West in the episode titled “The Hobbit”. Kanye appears in spots throughout the episode trying to defend his fiance Kim Kardashian amid rumors that she’s a hobbit. At one point, Kanye interrupts the Pope receiving an award, reminiscent of his classic ‘Imma let you finish’ MTV awards show speech interruption back in 2009. Of course, what Kanye blast would be complete without a Bound 2 parody. Check out some shots below and watch the whole episode over on the South Park website.

Kanye-West-South-Park-2013-The-Hobbit-1 Kanye-West-South-Park-2013-The-Hobbit-2 Kanye-West-South-Park-2013-The-Hobbit-3 Kanye-West-South-Park-2013-The-Hobbit-4



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