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We like most of you have already listened to the new Kanye West album, yeezus. After a few listens it becomes more clear as to what Ye was going for. What do You y’all think? Below are some quotes from some critics with a link to their review.



“Kanye’s complicated and distrustful view of women is unrelenting on Yeezus. And while there’s no real excuse for flat oafishness like “eatin’ Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce,” many of the album’s most powerful moments have him broken down, insecure, and bloody, railing against an ineptitude with the opposite sex.”


Hiphop DX

“What makes West’s sixth solo album compelling despite its gaggle of haunting shrieks and leftist production is that Kanye manages to remain as entertaining as ever. From mic to plug, the album is supremely Tweetable—loaded with enough incredible quips to start a T-shirt line.”


Rolling Stone

“‘Yeezus’ is Kanye’s darkest, most extreme album yet”


Consequence Of Sound

“Its freneticism and urgency make it such a thrill. “New Slaves” has one of the clearer concepts on the whole album,”



“Yeezus comes off as the vengeful, demonic twin to the chill minimalism of his 808s and Heartbreak from five years ago.”


If anyone has their own review of this album leave a link in the comments!



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