Kaviar & Cigarettes ‘The Classics’ Collection

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Kaviar & Cigarettes are an ambitious brand out of Los Angeles hand-making each of their pieces and limiting production to 20 pieces to size. Their latest collection, ‘The Classics’ takes their cut-and-sew production up a notch with a new range of pieces that they’re betting will serve as the brand’s calling card. Rather than focus on bold prints and huge graphics, Kaviar & Cigarettes are out to let their gear do the talking with new pieces like the trick zipper front tee, and clean shirting. Their signature FreeFace logo patch shows up throughout this range that is designed, cut, and sewn by hand in Los Angeles. Check it out below and shop it over at Kaviar & Cigarettes online shop.

Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-2 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-3 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-4 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-5 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-6 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-7 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-8 Kaviar-&-Cigarettes-The-Classics-Dopamine36-9



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