Keep It Classic With Acrylick’s Fall 2013 Collection

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For their Fall 2013 collection, LA-bred streetwear clothiers Acrylick are looking back to move ahead with the brand. Inspired by some of their favorite memories and iconography from the 90s, Acrylick drop a series of designs that have some classic old-school charm that seem just familiar enough to draw you in, but are fresh enough to stand out in the vast landscape of streetwear. Acrylick wants us to ‘reminisce over this’ with their collection of graphic tees, crews, and hoodies. The graphics, like this shoebox full of cassettes on the ‘Nostalgia’ crewneck, are plenty detailed, and original and draw from West and East coast hip-hop, videos games, sports, and even classic movies like Boyz In The Hood. Check out shots from the lookbook below and be sure to drop by their online shop for the full collection.

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