Lamborghini Snowventador Mahdiar Edition By Marcel Lech & OTB

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A minute ago, we showed you the crazy BAPE camo-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador with the ski box. Although you’ve probably just recovered from seeing that one, we’ve got another one for you. The team at Marcel Lech Photography and Only The Best hit us up about another super ride they’ve captured, and they’re dubbing it the Snowventador Mahdiar Edition. Put together for Canadian car enthusiast Mahdiar Ah, this 2013 Aventador is boss as fuck, thanks to the black satin warp and PUR Aero body kit. Reportedly one of only four Aventadors with a ski rack (as if there’s even four of these), things are taken further with PUR 4OUR rims, and carbon fiber body kit details that have been given a clear wrap for protection from the harsh Canadian winter elements. Owner Mahdiar has already driven this all-wheel drive up to the mountains of Whistler, BC (host of the 2010 Winter Olympics if you recall) and says it rides like a champ. Drool over it below and check out a few more shots and details of this beast here.

Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-1 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-3 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-4 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-5 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-6 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-8 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-13 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-14 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-15 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-16 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-18 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-19 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-22 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-23 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-24 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-25 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-26 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-28 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-29 Snowventador-Mahdiar-Edition-Marcel-Lech-30



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