Legalized Ladies Vol. 1 ft. Alysha Nett, Shay Maria, Danielle Sharp

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Global cannabis advocates Legalized Goods dropped a video editorial (shot by our homies at Kaloopy media) featuring the gorgeous trifecta of Alysha Nett, Shay Maria, and Danielle Sharp trimming plants, blazing, and generally having a great time in all their faded glory. The video features some of Legalized Goods innovative hemp-based apparel and is the beginning of the friendly brand’s online re-launch. Check out the worthwhile video below and check out LG’s line of chill gear at their new online shop.

Legalized-Ladies-Vol-1-Alysha-Nett-Shay-Maria-1 Legalized-Ladies-Vol-1-Alysha-Nett-Shay-Maria-2 Legalized-Ladies-Vol-1-Alysha-Nett-Shay-Maria-3



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