Look Back At It: VENUE Trade Show

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Although we covered our best-of’s from last week’s VENUE Trade Show including best booth designs, best cut-and-sew, best new brands, and what our homies brought to the show, we still didn’t get to bring you all our coverage! In our last round we take a look at even more great brands bringing heat to the show.


Venue hooked us up with our own table which came in handy to take notes, drop shit off periodically, and generally look legit. Shout out to The 5th Element Mag who were posted up next to us.

Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-19 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-1

The VENUE floor was always bustling with brands, buyers, bloggers, and everyone else making the rounds and making moves.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-9 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-8

Ray Digmi of Digmi is bringing his East Coast streetwear here to the West. Top quality blended tees and some clean headwear too.

Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-20 Venue-Tradeshow-2014-Dopamine36-19

Courtney Allegra (the vision behind CA-11 Apparel) is only 17 and she’s killing game with sublimation prints.

Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-3 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-4

Stefani and the team at Ruleo just made the move out to LA to grow their presence in the hip hop and B-Boy game.

Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-5 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-6 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-7

Mister Be have some dope new graphic joints on tap for the year, their aesthetic is fresh and fun and just twisted enough.

Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-8 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-9 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-10

Gods Vs. Giants have a mean look inspired by Greek mythology but made for the streets.


Rosewood Cutters brought their barbershop to the show and were styling the crowds

Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-12 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-14 Venue-Tade-Show-2014-Dopamine36-16

Wolf And Man are coming up in a big way. Their cut-and-sew outerwear game is looking good this year.


Still Life have some tight gear, and that silk 5-panel is on another level.



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