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We recently interacted with one of the illest brands coming out of LA. They dropped their cut and sew line at the Venue Tradeshow this past June and been out since 2009. Get to meet the ladies behind the dope threads.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?


Hey Guys! We are Marillest, an apparel brand based out of Los Angeles. We have  established ourselves into a male dominant industry as one of the few mens street lifestyle brands to design, run and be operated by women.

2. How do you capture that LA style into your gear?


We are constantly influenced by our day to day lives here in Los Angeles. Growing up in LA, we experienced many great memories with our friends, our daily adventures through the city, exploring and getting inspired by the diversity that is embedded into our Los Angeles streets.



3. Whats the story behind the name MARILLEST? what does it represent?


This is one question that we get asked at all of our interviews. But the truth is that there is a greater meaning to this name than a explanation or story.  This is a word that we created that sums up the adventures that lead us to the start of the brand. We wouldn’t be where we are today without each other behind this company. We can proudly say, ” These are Ma-Rillest girls”.


m7 Canoe_Vest

4. Streetwear at this point seems to me a male dominated industry what made you want to get into the game as women? What do you find to be different?


The fact that we are up against men in this industry has been a challenging experience for us. We started designing towards the end of 09′, and this year we have come to confidently call ourselves a mens clothing company. The struggles have been rewarding for us throughout the years. We always look at any failed design concepts as a blessing, since they teach us who we are. We look back at our previous collections and keep innovating until we become the brand that we strive to be. We strongly feel this industry needs women. A woman’s perspective on mens apparel should be appreciated instead of being looked down upon.



5. How difficult is it to remain original when street-wear brands seem to emerge daily?


It really isn’t that difficult to stay original as a street lifestyle brand this day in age, well at least for us it isn’t. We are always aware of who was here, who is here and who is going to be here. But we never pressure or try to be something we are not. We are Marillest and we plan to stay timeless.


6. Have you ever considered also having a women’s line?


Women’s clothing would be too easy for us to design. It would come naturally and the passion that fuels our fire is the challenges we face designing for men. Also, woman who understand this culture love wearing mens clothing. We do it all the time.

m2 m3

7. We recognize anyone making their own lane and we love what you are doing with your cut and sew line, what was the inspiration for it?


Our cut and sew collection has been a longtime goal we had set for the brand years ago. We needed to dip our hands into a new medium, the craft of cut and sew. Marillest, is not another t-shirt and snapback company. Marillest is a quality cut and sew brand that will leave a mark in the fashion industry. This holiday season was the perfect time to release our cut and sew collection since it had many silhouettes to play with. We drew inspiration from the camp lifestyle and the experience of out doors adventures.

canoe-boxers eggs-boxers Life_Jacket_Denim_Vest

8. What does a ordinary day consist for you guys?


Marillest is like a child we are all parents too. It is a 24 hour responsibility and there are no days off. We have unconditional love towards the company, so working the endless hours we work everyday is not a burden for us. Daily routines consist of sourcing fabric, screen printing, planning the next big campaign, updating the website, shooting photos, managing our social media platforms and making sure to most importantly network. We are honestly living the dream.


9. Your brand had one of the dopest booths at the Venue Tradeshow, did you guys make that on your own?


When we first learned of the booth we were supplied with by the LA Convention center, we naturally grabbed a pen and paper to draft out our own creation. Since, we had a camp theme set for the debut collection, we marched straight to the woods to collect materials for the booth. All three of us have been raised with the mentality to build with our bare hands, so we build big no matter the stretch.


10. What can followers or the brand expect in the future?


The future holds many doors for us. When we think of an exit plan, we want to leave as a legend. We definitely see our selves branching out into manufacturing for others, publishing a book, printing a comic series, getting involved in many foundations and most importantly building ourselves to a level where we can provide opportunity for others.



11. Who are some of the brands that you look up to in the streetwear game?


We personally hold a special place in our hearts for The Hundreds, Crooks&Castles , Benny Gold, Nike, Rook and I Am king. Each brand inspires us in their own way and we are proud that they are a part of this industry.



12.  Any advice for anyone thinking of starting their own brand?


Yes, we have a whole book full of advise to give. But most importantly, success in this industry is to do it on your own. Don’t spend time reaching out to the successful people to wait for answers, instead take that time to research on your own. That is the key, believe us.

-Team Marillest

Here are our social media handles:

Twitter: @Marillest

Instagram: @Marillest

Our website:




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