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We met up with Miles Canares tha boss and creator of the venue tradeshow.  ‘Venue is a trade show that caters to independent street wear and lifestyle brands. We provide an environment for brands to conduct business in an affordable, comfortable and professional setting. We aim to be premier show that ushers in the new trend setting brands for the future of this industry. Venue is here for the independents, the start ups and the believers. Venue is here for you.’ Below is our interview with tha boss.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Miles Canares, and I’m not in high school. Thats what everyone thinks when they see me, but I just look young.




When did you guys come up with the idea of starting a streetwear tradeshow?

I came up with the idea of it couple years back, I was just always a fan of streetwear and loved watching it evolve over the years.  It grew to such a large level, pretty fast. It captured an entire generation, you couldn’t help but notice it. I was always a fan of watching the underdogs make it, that was always more exciting to me.

What was the inspiration behind Venue?

The inspiration? Just basically change, creating a movement. If you guys aren’t going to give it to us, then we’re going to try and get it on our own – type of mentality. But also what inspires us is the brands we have exhibiting. They are incredible talents, and seeing them putting their best work into this show inspires us to make it a success. We are all in the same boat in a sense, and we are aiming to grow together. Its pretty inspiring actually…

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Where did you grow up? Where you went to college?

Well I grew up in South Pasadena, its a small city about 15 minutes north of Downtown LA. Then I went to Pasadena City College and then Cal Poly Pomona



When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?

I always knew it HAD to be a serious business. This whole thing wasn’t just an idea thrown in the air while drunkenly pulling a trigger, you can’t do that with a trade show, especially one like this. It was very carefully planned out, we were very careful with who we chose to align our name with. I think we made the right connections with the right retailers and made some good decisions on how to present the show itself. We envision it to be the premier platform to showcase new independent talent in the fashion industry, and in order for it to become that, you need take it as serious as possible. We aim to give our exhibitors a great trade show experience, and our retailers an opportunity to view an exclusive, brand new market place, first.




How is the internet changing your craft?

The internet is making it better, I believe. Its a perfect platform to really reach a large audience you wouldn’t normally have access to, and for that I thank it. It is also making a few changes within the trade show industry, with those online marketplace websites. But I don’t ever think anything can really replace the feeling of actually walking the floor, seeing, touching and feeling the actual product. You make better decisions that way, naturally.

What inspires you to do what you do daily?

What inspires me…a few things. I’m truly inspired by the spirit of our exhibitors, they are ready to show people what they have. They’ve been crafting their work for a while now, and I have to say they are fucking amazing. I really don’t wear anything other than my exhibitors stuff nowadays, its just better, and that inspires me to really get people to see this. I am also really inspired with how retailers have been receiving us so far, we’re proud of this new marketplace, and people are ready. My daughter also inspires me tremendously, more than anything. She just turned 3 in March, and she’s starting pre school this August.

What does the future hold for Venue Tradeshow?

The future…. well we’re going to do a show this coming January, then we’re also planning on doing NY, If everything goes well that is. Who knows what the future has in store actually.

Have your goals changed since you started Venue?

My goals haven’t changed, they’ve just grown a lot. With the way the show is developing, our views have just seemed to mature a little more. We know what we are here to do, and all that is, is become a really good experience. A learning one, we want things to happen, we want networking to be made and business to transpire. For our retailers our goal is, and has always been, to introduce them to a new marketplace, first.

What makes you different from other similar companies who have streetwear tradeshows?

I mean, we’re just different. We are brand new,  and we’re very careful with how we present ourselves. We’re not trying to be the biggest with the most followers on facebook or whatever, we have a very simple goal, and thats to be a contending option. We even promote the fact that we are a smaller more exclusive event, we don’t care about any thing else other than being the right choice. From both our exhibitors point of view and our attending retailers.

Where and how can new followers follow your brand ? instagram? twitter? facebook?



How do you connect with your followers?

We’re very accessible. My email address is miles@venuetradeshow.com and my phone number is (818)480-5789. S/O to my team Ninotaughtme, Philly, and Prince.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?

Right now I am focusing all my energy on this short term goal of really making this the best trade show experience possible




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