New Drop & CONTEST: Akomplice x Shorty’s Skateboarding

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As we’ve shown before, the team at Akomplice are always looking for ways to innovate in the streetwear game. Their new collaboration with storied skate brand Shorty’s is no exception. The two brands teamed up for a special T-Shirt design that drops tomorrow on the Akomplice webstore. At first glance you may think this is just some basic tee but look closer, CLOSER STILL, and you’ll notice that the design is an actual crossword with the clues that hold the history of the two brands. Akomplice have also thrown in some straight-up sorcery on this by using their hyperlight ink that reveals iteself (in the form of ‘FUCK YOU’) once it hits sunlight. This cool feature is also a subtle nod to the classic Shorty’s ‘Fuck You’ folding tee. The tee comes in five color offerings to pick from and each one includes a special Akomplice x Shorty’s sharpie.

To put the cherry on top, Akomplice and Shorty’s are doing a contest open to the public. First person to email info@akomplice-clothing.com the correct answers to the crossword will win $500 worth of goodies shown in the picture below. Tons of skate hardware and fresh clothes. Check it all out below and make sure to grab your tee when it drops tomorrow!

Akomplice-x-Shortys-9 Akomplice-x-Shortys-2 Akomplice-x-Shortys-3 Akomplice-x-Shortys-8 Akomplice-x-Shortys-7 Akomplice-x-Shortys-6 Akomplice-x-Shortys-5 Akomplice-x-Shortys-4 Akomplice-x-Shortys-10



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