Next Level Collab: Thom Browne/Zac Posen x Infiniti

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When you’re a major designer and every thing you release has the attention of the entire fashion world, a snapback or outerwear collab just won’t do anymore. When you want to swing for the fences and get on some shit that no one else can touch you gotta do a car collab. If you’ve got $75,000 to drop by December 12 then take your pick of either of Thom Browne’s or Zac Posen’s collab with Infiniti. Both options have been visually upgraded inside and out with heavy input from the designers. In order to be able to justify spending $75K on an Infiniti you also get a $10,000 store credit. Check out the pics below (Thom then Zac) and decide if you want it or maybe just cop a nice Benz instead.

Thom-Browne-Infiniti-Q501 Thom-Browne-Infiniti-Q502 Thom-Browne-Infiniti-Q503 Zac-Posen-Infiniti-Q501 Zac-Posen-Infiniti-Q502



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