NFL Hipster Logos By David Rappoccio

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Boston? Feh. I’m from Foxboro. You’ve probably never been there, it’s way out of the way in the middle of the woods. Only the right people get invited.

Artist and illustrator David Rappoccio has re-imagined all of the NFLs 32 team logos as hipster icons for each city. Although you won’t see any teams rocking these on Super Bowl Sunday you will see these around the internet a lot in the next week so check it out here first. David has even provided hilarious captions for each of his designs. No team has been spared the humiliating look of nose rings, thick glasses, unusual hats, and vintage everything so check some highlights out below and see all 32 over at Kissing Suzy Kobler.

NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-1 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-2 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-4 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-5 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-6 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-7 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-8 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-9 NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-10NFL-Hispter-Logos-David-Rappoccio-11



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