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Not Quite Your Mom’s Jeep TJ: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class Cabriolet Final Edition

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It’s very likely your mom/sister/girlfriend/grandma owned a Jeep TJ to have a ‘cool’ vehicle to drive up and down PCH in and then take off the doors and top and hit Laguna. This final run of Mercedes’ renowned battle-tank-of-an-SUV G-Class is kind of like that, only if Rick Ross had designed it. This thing is a beast in every sense of the term with a 5.5L V8 pumping out 388 HP and 398 LB-ft of Torque, this thing will get through the sand, and then turn big rocks into more sand…or it’ll just look boss next to the fleet of blacked-out Benzos you already own. This last run is decked out for the urban desert with black paint, big rims, and a tan roof and interior. Only 200 were made and they’re apparently sold out so sell your kidneys and maybe one of your lungs and troll eBay looking for one.

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