#NYFW Update: Beyond Closet S/S ’14 – Royal Tenenbaums Meets Riff Raff

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Although I can’t be (wasn’t invited/don’t have any money) at New York Fashion week, that doesn’t mean I can’t at least report on dope shit that other teams our covering. The menswear gods over at Four Pins have the scoop on Beyond Closet’s spring/summer 2014 line and although I’ve never heard of that designer, the shit is dope as far as runway collections go.

If I was to describe it, it would fall somewhere between The Royal Tenenbaums and Riff Raff. The looks are clean and prep but the colors are loud, the prints are dope, and there’s plenty of details to make you stand out from the all-black looks your homies rock. Although the website is half in Korean, the clothing is described as sophisticated and distinguished and even if that’s a shitty google translate it makes sense.

For those of you reading this thinking ‘there’s no way in fuck I’m ever wearing this shit, I thought this was a streetwear site’ just relax. This is fashion show coverage so it’s not even really real life and plus whatever happens at these shows will be watered down and then put out by all your favorite brands next year. At that point you can tell your crew that you knew about this months ago and that Dopamine is the shit.

Check out some of my favorite looks from this collection:




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