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Outlier Oxford Shirts: Because Sweat Stains Won’t Get You Laid

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Depending on where you live in the country/world right now, you may be experience a sweltering Indian summer like we are here in SoCal. It doesn’t even start to cool down here until like 9:00PM so if you’re rocking anything other than a beater and boxer shorts you’re pretty much bathing in your own sweat when you step outside. This makes for an incredibly shitty situation when you’re looking tight to meet your lady and upon her closer inspection she finds the small lake that has formed under your arms. Gentlemen, this no longer has to be the case ’cause Outlier has you covered (figuratively and literally).

They decided that regular shirts weren’t good enough and those stain defender Kirkland joints you’re rocking from Costco are severely lacking in swag. What they have done is traveled to the future, come back, and created the Air Forged Oxford shirt that you need to buy in every color before you buy new rims for your Civic. They used a crazy techno process that’s beyond me to make a shirt using high-strength, high-tech nylon fibers instead of your basic cotton. The result is a shirt that’s stain resistant, soft-as-hell, more breathable, and most importantly, won’t show sweat. These shirts are made in New York, only $98, and guaranteed to keep your swagger on a hundred. Get ’em here and check ’em out below:

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