Peas & Carrots Cyber Monday Reflective Collection

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Peas & Carrots have launched a three-prong assault on Cyber Monday with a 3M reflective collection with pieces through their main imprint as well as through Casey Veggies and Ain’t Shit Funny. Rather than just offer some discounts, Peas & Carrots took the Cyber Monday opportunity to launch this limited edition collection which includes tees, crewnecks, and a hoodie. This 3M reflective shit is picking up steam (more on that today) so grab this gear from their online shop and stay safe out there in the streets!


Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-1 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-2 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-3 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-4 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-5 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-6 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-7 Peas-And-Carrots-3M-Cyber-Monday-Collection-8



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