Pete One’s Batman Graffiti In Ronse, Belgium

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Elusive Belgian street artist Pete One has left behind an impressive collection of murals in an abandoned building in his hometown of Ronse, Belgium. Discovered by a couple while ‘urban exploring’ in the area, the collection of murals features both classic cartoon Batman and modern film Batman characters including several of the Joker (Pete One’s main muse), and one of supervillain Bane. Check out the amazing pieces below and read a bit more (key words being ‘a bit’) here.

Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-1 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-2 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-3 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-4 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-5 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-6 Pete-Batman-Graffiti-Belgium-7



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