Pink Dolphin Make Big Waves With Holiday ’13 Lookbook

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Pink Dolphin is a boutique brand approaching five years in the industry but has the swagger, ambition, and polish of a seasoned vet. On the retail front, they’ve got two incredible stores in the hottest streetwear markets in Downtown LA and San Francisco, both beautifully (and minimally) designed and stocked with their gear. They’ve got their own custom Ferrari, and 2 Chainz did a record signing at their LA location. They live by their mantra of ‘legends at our craft’ and if their new lookbook is any indication, they’re pushing the envelope yet again for their Holiday ’13 collection. The lookbook was shot out in the California desert and is the most scenic and artistic ones we’ve seen. The stunning and barren backdrops further highlight the brand’s use of bright colors, graphics, and patterns for this winter collection. The line continues with these aesthetics Pink Dolphin has been killing season after season, and draws comparisons to Japanese-flavored brands like BBC Ice Cream and BAPE. Check out the lookbook below and stay tuned for the whole collection when it drops on November 9th.

Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-23 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-22 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-21 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-20 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-19 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-18 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-17 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-16 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-15 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-14 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-13 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-12 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-11 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-10 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-9 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-8 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-7 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-6 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-5 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-4 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-3 Pink-Dolphin-Holiday-13-Lookbook-2



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