Playboy Behind The Scenes With Patrick Van Dam

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Dutch photographer Patrick Van Dam directed shoots for Dutch Playboy for seven years and as result, he saw it all. In his book Playboy Behind The Scenes, Patrick gives us a rare, candid, and hilarious look at what goes into the beautiful and glossy shoots we all know and love. The shots show models being placed into poses, photographers going to any length for a shot, and the general behind-the-scenes acrobatics required to bring it all together. Check out some of the (NSFW) shots below via Feature Shoot and check out Patrick’s book Playboy Behind The Scenes here.

Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-2 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-3 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-4 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-5 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-6 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-7 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-8 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-9 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-10 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-11 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-12 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-13 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-14 Playboy-Behind-The-Scenes-Patrick-Van-Dam-15



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