Poler Stuff Presents Campfire Cologne

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Poler Stuff, Portland’s purveyor of all dope things you need to stunt outdoors, presents their latest innovation: Campfire Cologne. As the name suggests, Campfire Cologne let’s you capture that nostalgic scent of burning logs taking you back to all those times you sat around a fire blazing and crushing beers. Now, to be clear, this is not actual cologne, but a box of tinder and matches that you can light and waft the smoke onto your ‘clothes and beard’. Check out this clever product and the commercial for it below and grab your very own Campfire Cologne for $12.95 from Poler’s online shop.

Poler-Stuff-Campfire-Cologne-1 Poler-Stuff-Campfire-Cologne-2 Poler-Stuff-Campfire-Cologne-4




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