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We got another interview for you guys today with Prevail. Prevail is a sick up and coming street wear brand from Los Angeles. We had a chance to chop it up with Rei and his team this week and they were real cool and their design philosophy and aesthetics matched who we try to showcase here, brands seeking to pave their own lane. Check em out now before they blow up.


Can you briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?

My name is Rei Fernandez, and I own and operate an emerging streetwear brand called Prevail Co. from Los Angeles, CA.


Whats the story behind your name? What does it represent?

Prevail, by definition means to triumph, to be victorious. To prove more powerful than opposing forces. Prevail is the story of everyone who has a dream that they want to achieve. Prevail is the story of our generation. It’s a life-defining brand that will continue to grow as our consumers grow. Our motto, “Respected Locally, Recognized Globally”, is something we firmly believe in. We thrive off of the success stories without our community, and aim to build a genuine a relationship with everyone in it. As our community grows from our hometown of Los Angeles to neighborhoods across the world, our fashion credo is to use clothes as a medium to help become a source of inspiration for people chasing their dreams. Prevail grows as you grow because it isn’t just our story, it is your story as well

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 How difficult is it to remain original when street-wear brands seem to emerge daily?

We only try to deal with things that we can control. I can see why one would say it is difficult to stay original, but we promised ourselves to create products that we personally approve of. The beauty of owning and operating your own brand is the fact that you can create things that you’ve always wanted to wear or own. We can say that we don’t  necessarily have a difficult time separating ourselves from emerging brands because we can proudly stand by our products 100% knowing that we made them for us.

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What does a ordinary day consist for you guys?

Considering that we haven’t made significant amounts of money from our brand, we all still have day jobs. It’s literally our 9-5, then straight to our 5-9 which is working on Prevail Co. It’s hard work, but we enjoy it.


What can followers or the brand expect in the future?

I see our brand developing more into a culture. We want our consumers to be loyal to our brand. Product development is the one department that really has to expand over the years in order for Prevail to reach a certain level, and I believe it’s achievable. As far as goals go, we want exactly what our brand motto is and that is to be Respected Locally, Recognized Globally. What it means is that we want to expand worldwide, but still be able to come back to where we started and have that genuine love from the people that were there in the beginning.


Who are some of the brands that you look up to in the streetwear game?

I personally grew up on brands such as Undefeated, Stussy, Supreme, and Nike. I try to model our brand after these major names by picking out each of their strengths. Nike, their marketing department is probably one of the best that the world has seen. I love what Undefeated does as far as their creative direction goes and the simplicity of their products. Supreme just has that “I don’t give a fuck what you think” attitude that many emerging brands try to imitate, but fail to do so. Stussy is just timeless. It boggles me how much hate Stussy gets because of how “mainstream” they are, but reality is, without Stussy, there wouldn’t be many of these other brands out there.


Any advice for anyone thinking of starting their own brand?

RESEARCH. Google will be your best friend when you’re launching your own brand. Be professional in every aspect of the industry. Stay original to yourself, your brand, and the people you interact with. Keeping it real can take you a long way.

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I want to personally thank the Dopamine36 Team for giving us an opportunity to showcase  our products and our story. Thank you to my business partner, Joseph Siasat who is also the creative director for Prevail Co. Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning.


Here are our social media handles:

Twitter: @PrevailCo

Instagram: @PrevailCo

Our website: www.prevailco.com




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