Profound Aesthetic Find Meaning With Manifesto Capsule

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Profound Aesthetic are continuing their streak of dope releases with their new conceptual Manifesto Capsule Collection. The Collection includes nine long sleeve graphic tees with heavy imagery inspired by historical events, romanticism, beasts in nature, mythology and revolution. The young brand continue to push the envelope and bring creative elements from art, culture, and history to their mix of fashion streetwear. The gear combines photographs of riot police, famous sculptures, and iconic animals with their clean and refined logos and signature visual elements. Check out the lookbook and video below that capture the whole vibe of ‘Manifesto’, and shop the collection now over at Profound’s online shop.

Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-1 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-2 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-3 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-4 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-5 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-6 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-7 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-9 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-10 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-11 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-12 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-13 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-14 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-15 Profound-Aesthetic-Manifesto-16


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