Project A Apparel “Last Of The Last” Collection

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When we last checked in with Dublin’s Project A Apparel, the brand had just dropped their ‘Home’ collection, a tight range of essential pieces for the brand, showing their thoughtful focus on design and detail. For Spring 2014, Project A have just unveiled their latest collection, titled “Last Of The Last”, inspired by the fictional holy kingdom of shambala, along with Buddhist iconography, adventurers, and the end of the world. Heavy on concept, the collection doesn’t fall short in the execution with Buddhist-inspired graphics like the tiger and dagger, in addition to two stunningly-printed scarves with otherwordly patterns. Check out the lookbook for “Last Of The Last” below and shop the collection over on Project A Apparel’s online shop.

Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-1 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-2 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-3 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-4 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-5 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-6 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-7 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-8 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-9 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-10 Project-A-Apparel-Dublin-Spring-11



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