Project A Rethinks ‘Home’ With F/W Lookbook

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Dublin, Ireland-based Project A hit us up with their latest lookbook for Autumn/Winter ’13 and we’re glad they did. The lookbook, for their new collection “Home”, was inspired by rising tensions between their home of Dublin and UK capital London, and looks at ideas of security, surveillance, disguise, and the home. The concept is strong and the finished product is unique and damn well-executed. Their pigeon logo and iconography is featured throughout the collection, symbolizing city life as well as the idea of returning home. The rising brand have created some solid gear for the collection including printed tees and crews, along with a more custom range of cut-and-sew gear that features printed details on shirting, crewnecks, tees, and outerwear. The flagship pieces are definitely the football-style (soccer for us ‘mericans) scarf and a trick Harrington jacket with printed pocket flaps, custom silver feather zipper pull, and a dark tartan lining. The range is super clean and works well together as a unified collection. Definitely worth checking out. Peep the lookbook and gear below, and shop it over at Project A’s online shop.

Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-1 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-3 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-4 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-6 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-9 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-10 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-11 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-13 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-16 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-18 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-19 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-20 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-21 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-22 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-24 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-25 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-26 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-27 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-28 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-29 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-30 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-31 Project-A-Autumn-13-Lookbook-17



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