Raised By Wolves Shoot To Kill With F/W ’13 Lookbook

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Raised By Wolves are starting to get some big-time exposure, and rightfully so. The Montreal-based brand has been consistently putting out stupid clean gear collection after collection. The styling takes classic wardrobe staples and infuses them with a solid dose of streetwear and sportswear, keeping the finish tight and focused. Recently, their collaboration with Herschel blew up in a big way. Today, Raised By Wolves unveiled their slick new lookbook, shot on their home turf by Chicago photographer Trashhand, and dropped the new collection all in one go. They’re not fucking around with this new collection either; there’s shirting and hats made from Woolrich wool, new graphic tees (including the Ben Jensen designs), and a very well-rounded very fresh headwear line. Shop the whole line over at the Raised By Wolves online shop and stay tuned for more on this dope and ambitious brand.

Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-1 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-2 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-3 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-4 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-5 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-6 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-7 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-8 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-10 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-11 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-12 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-13 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-14 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-15 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-16 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-17 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-18 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-20 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-21 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-22 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-23 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-24 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-26 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-27 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-28 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-29 Raised-By-Wolves-FW-13-30



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