RiFF RaFF By Terry Richardson In A Wax Museum

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Neon Icon RiFF RaFF is the latest star to find himself on the other side of Terry Richardson’s camera lens. For his shoot, the two headed to a wax museum where we can see RiFF hamming it up with immortalized celebrities and characters like Hugh Hefner, Nacho Libre, the Terminator, and more. After his deep and dark interview with Pitchfork the other week, it’s nice to see him up to his old tricks again. Check out the photo set below and make sure to check out Terry’s shots of Emily Ratajkowski because it’s Friday and you deserve it.

Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-2 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-3 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-4 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-5 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-6 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-7 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-8 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-9 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-10 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-11 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-12 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-13 Riff-Raff-By-Terry-Richardson-14



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