Riff Raff Gets Deep On Pitchfork’s Over/Under

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The Neon iCon aka Riff Raff stopped by Pitchfork TV for his turn on their ‘Over/Under’ segment. Typically, rappers and musicians talk shit about whether certain things are overrated or underrated but Riff has his own take. He says the world has changed in the last 6 months from when he used to have fun, he’s not nice anymore. He also introduces the concept of ‘fee-styling’, saying he won’t freestyle for free anymore because he’s tired of getting ripped off. He also ‘quit school in elementary cause of recess’. This is a decidedly dark and serious Riff Riff, not the upbeat cartoon character we’re used to. See it all unfold below:

Riff-Raff-Over-Under-2 Riff-Raff-Over-Under-1

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