Romain Trystram’s “Soles Of The Week” Pt. 2

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Back in November, we came across French artist and designer Romain Trystram and his “Soles Of The Week” series where he re-imagined iconic kicks in new creative, often surreal ways. Romain is back with another, even wilder installment of his “Soles Of The Week” series, this time including dope kicks from Nike, Adidas, Patrick Ewing, Reebok, and more. Check out some highlights below and see even more greatness over on Romain Trystram’s website.

Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-1 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-2 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-3 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-4 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-5 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-6 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-7 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-8 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-9 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-10 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-11 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-12 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-13 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-15 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-16 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-17 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-18 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2-19



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