Romain Trystram’s Soles Of The Week

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We’re always on the hunt for dope new art, especially hip hop and sneaker-related art. So, when we came across Romain Trystram’s “Soles Of The Week” we knew we had hit gold. Romain works as a freelance illustrator and is based out of Paris where he also works in animation, and doing color design for sets and comic books. His “Soles Of The Week” series of illustrations re-imagines some of our favorite classic kicks like the Nike Air Max, Air Jordan III, Reebok Pump, and Vans SK8. Check out some of the series highlights below and be sure to check out Romain on Behance to see more of his great work.

Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-1 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-2 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-3 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-4 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-5 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-6 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-7 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-8 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-9 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-10 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-11 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-12 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-13 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-14 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-15 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-16 Romain-Trystram-Soles-Of-The-Week-17



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