Sample Brand’s ‘Infringement Tee’ Pushes High-Fashion Ripoffs To New Levels

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Sample Brand is popping up everywhere in streetwear today with their ‘Infringement Tee’ that’s getting plenty of attention due to its blatant use of copyrighted high-fashion logos. This isn’t ‘Homies’ instead of ‘Hermes’, this is straight up a basic collage of some of the biggest brands in the world including Chanel, Margiela, Celine, Givenchy, Dior, Balmain, and more. Turns out this isn’t their first controversial release either, as the brand exclusively puts out trademarked gear, and it’s selling too. If you want your own infringement tee head over to Feature Sneaker Boutique to cop yours for $60. Get one before they’re shut down for good.

Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-1 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-2 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-4 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-5 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-6 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-7 Sample-Brand-Infringement-Tee-Feature-Sneaker-8



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