Samuel L. Jackson Drops Real Knowledge In The New Playboy

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Samuel L. Jackson is a straight up Bad Ass Muthafucka so it should come as no surprise that he lays it all out in his interview in the new issue of Playboy magazine. Jackson covers a lot of ground in the interview, talking at-length about the controversy of Django Unchained and how some critics have said it glorifies slavery. Jackson sets the record straight saying:

People said, “Well, slavery wasn’t a picnic,” and I want to say, “No, motherfucker, slavery wasn’t a picnic,” but nobody was singing songs while picking cotton in the field in that movie either. People got whipped. Dogs got sicced on people. These 20-year-olds and others are always talking about “Where’s my 40 acres and a mule? Where are my reparations?” Well, you wanna act like the government owes us reparations, we gotta show what they owe us for. Here it is, right here onscreen. These stories must be told. Yet they still want to turn around and go, “Fuck Quentin Tarantino, he don’t know shit about it,” but if Spike, the Hughes brothers or Carl Franklin had done it, it would have been right?

Changing gears, Jackson also talked about getting in with the ladies as a kid:

“In Georgia there was a family of girls who lived through the woods from us, and we all used to meet at this creek and swim naked. I was about 10 or 11. I think two of the girls were about 14, 15, so that’s when it happened. Girls were interesting to me, period. They could be fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, beautiful—as long as they were willing to do that thing”.

Jackson evens hints about wanting to join the new series of Star Wars movies:

“They should figure out a way to bring my ass back from wherever I went when I fell out that window, because you know a Jedi can fall from incredible heights and not die. I’d just come back with a fake hand like Darth Vader and my purple lightsaber”.

Make sure to read the whole interview to see all the nuggets Jackson drops and marvel at a man who speaks his mind, but does so simply, and with attitude.



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