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We recently has the oppoutunity to interview the mastermind behind the ‘Our Secret House’ brand,  below is the interview.
Can you briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?
We are Our Secret House a global movement crafted together by the 33% Club aimed to enlighten the young and the lost around the world.




What was the inspiration behind the brand?
The whole inspiration behind Secret House began when one of our Club 33 mentors gave me a book known as Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper (may he rest in peace). The book was about a former navy marine exposing the government and their hidden agenda to create a one world government which in essence would establish a new world order.


When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?
To be honest no. We first started off as an informative independent news outlet which can be read at oursecrethouse.com/blog. At first it was a simple hobby and our way of getting news to the masses instead of it coming from 1 of the 6 monolithic corporations (Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, NBC Universal) that control everything we see, and hear. Over time after we started to see that we were getting peoples attention we realized we needed to come up with a way to generate revenue in order to keep up with maintenance costs and continue to spread our message around the world which is when then we started to incorporate clothing as a business aspect. Then we knew we could spread our activism through apparel all while using people as a walking billboard.




How is the internet changing your craft?
The internet hasn’t really changed our craft if anything it has helped a lot with our craft because it is one of the only last things where freedom still exists. We have many Club 33 members located all around the world in many different countries and with the internet can easily keep in touch with them. 


Do you consider yourself an artist?
Yes art is one thing we take very seriously in everything we do.




What does the future hold for Secret House? What should your followers expect to see in 2013?
Well as of right now we are working with a collab with This Is Alley one of our boutiques located in Singapore that carry Secret House. As well as a few collabs with LA brand Guns And Crayons. Not to mention we will also be having our second Pop Up Shop opening up by the end of the year just haven’t decided what city we plan on taking over.
What makes you different from other brands out there nowadays?
We dont follow trends and we have a message that is more than just being a “clothing brand” All of our tees, hoodies, hats, have a meaning some may be subliminal others may be meant for you to be read and understood. 




Where and how can new followers follow your brand ? instagram? twitter? facebook?
All our social networks can be followed via @OurSecretHouse and people can stay up to date with everything by visiting our blog oursecrethouse.com/blog


What was your intent behind the creation of? How did the business come about?
We felt the younger generation has been brainwashed into believing everything they hear and see. When we started that was our whole goal is to guide the wasted youth to seek enlightenment.  To get them aware about the crooked politics and government. As the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. We figured that with apparel we can target that younger demographic and get them aware about what goes on in the world. One may not know what is going on in the world but be into fashion. Thus when someone comes across our brand their eyes may appeal to our apparel but their mind will begin to wonder what we stand for and what our message is all about. That is when they do their research on the brand and realize that we are more than just a clothing brand.


Where do your inspirations come from?
Many of our inspirations come from politics and conspiracy theories. As well as previous and present global issues.




Do you have any personal favorites among what you’ve created?
Personally no. I love all my art equally.








Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?
Our one and only long term goal we wish to accomplish is to bring light to the 1 percent (Illuminati) who downplay truth seekers of the world and make them out to be some crazy conspiracy theory lunatics. Throughout history man has tried to conquer the world from Alexander The Great to Napoleon to Hitler and if anyone thinks this time we live in is any different then i ask them. Which one of us is really crazy?


All Photography by Club 33 member Kris Por of the female model Felisia.



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